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While the world is bigger to measure in one life time, the place where you live for the maximum time is your home or office environment. With this being the case, you want to be sure to live in a nice and serene surrounding that is peaceful and vibrant in healing energies. The colors of your wall can make you feel alive and energetic to carry on with your household and official jobs. Good interior painting is the solution to create such a living environment. If you are looking for best painting service in Chennai we do it for you. Get in touch with us for the best and skilled interior painting contractors.

• We help you with House painters for seasonal painting
• We help you with Painting contractors for residential purposes
• We help you with Painting contractors for flat renovation purposes
• We help you with Painting contractors for apartment remodeling needs
• We help with Bunglow painting

Our Process

Interior Walls

Masking Non – Painted Items

The necessary masking for painting a ceiling requires covering all areas that are exposed to paint, sanding dust, or any other paint related substance. Brushing and rolling paint only requires enough masking to cover areas affected by paint drips


• Check the surface for incidence of dampness or water seepage.

• Rectify the water seepage problem at source.

• This could mean repairing leaking pipes or cracks in the exterior walls.

• Any loose plaster should be removed from the wall. Check for loose plaster by tapping on the walls. A hollow sound indicates loose plaster.

• Masonry work is to be undertaken to fill up all cracks and repair broken plaster.

• Please ensure sufficient curing time (7 to 21 days depending on extent of plastering). When re-plastering is done it should be given adequate drying and stabilising time to bridge the cracks or smoothen the surface.

Surface Preparation

• Allow newly plastered surfaces to mature for a period of at least 6 months after the application of a coat of lime ash, to ensure thorough drying of plaster. Popping of plaster, commonly associated with new Neeru plasters, can be taken care of subsequently during painting.

• Remove loose particles and paint flakes. Scrape with sandpaper to ensure that the surface is dry and free from dust, dirt or grease.

• Previous coatings of lime wash, powder distemper or cement paint must be thoroughly scraped off. Earlier coatings of oil or synthetic emulsion paints, if in good condition, need not be removed. However, the gloss or sheen of such coating must be removed by thorough sanding.

• Cracked or flaked paint must also be completely removed.

• Fungus affected areas need to be given a separate treatment. Make a 5-10% solution of bleach powder in water and apply on affected areas with brush or sponge. Wash the walls with clean water after an interval of 8-10 hours. Allow the surface to dry sufficiently.

Professional Painting

• Apply a coat of wall primer. Use Decoprime Wall Primer (solvent thinnable) on absorbent surfaces and use Decoprime Wall Primer (water thinnable) on new surfaces.

• Fill and level the minor undulations of wall by applying putty. For best results, use Asian Paints Acrylic Wall Putty. In case of major undulations on the wall surface, Plaster of Paris (POP) needs to be applied. Ensure that the surface is uniformly smooth by sanding, after POP or putty work.

• One liberal coat of Decoprime Wall Primer (solvent thinned or water thinned) is recommended on puttied areas before applying the top coat. The primer should be allowed to dry for 10 - 12 hours. If the primer coat is not applied over the puttied areas, the top coat can appear patchy.

• Avoid application of putty or filling compound while painting exterior surfaces. Fill up cracks with a 1:3 (by volume) cement and sand mixture.

• All external drainage pipes must be checked for rusting or leakage. Any faulty plumbing must be rectified.

• Special attention must be given to the roof. Check for cracks near the edges and close to the water reservoirs.

• Skilled masonry or waterproofing work on the ceiling will enhance the performance of the paint.

• Generally two coats of finish coat are required to get the desired finish and colour. It is important that each coat must be completely dry before the application of next one.

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